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This section contains tips and articles written by various fishing pros. To view an article or tip just click on the title of the article that you would like to view. Once in a specific article or tip you will find links for Angler Profiles and an email link to ask the author any questions you may have. The most current articles will be profiled below. You can also select from current and past articles by going to our Article Archives, articles within the archive are categorized by author for both the News & Information and Pro's sections.

Click Here To View Steve Von Brandt's Profile.A Tofino Update
By Jason Mohl
The summer of 2006 can now be officially dubbed the “drought in a rainforest” summer!  The dry summer weather provided many great days on the ocean and at our beaches, but it also impacted our local water supply levels, and with construction yet to commence on our new reservoir, Tofino started to run out of water.   During the last week of August, water conservation in Tofino became a top news story across the nation when businesses were asked to close in order to maintain water levels for fire protection and residential use.  However, within three days, several strategies had been implemented which allowed businesses to remain open with water restrictions in place.  So, contrary to many stories out there, Tofino continues to welcome visitors from across the globe and local businesses are open...

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.Trophy Fishing in Arizona
By Gregg Munck
If you were to make some random phone calls around the United States and Canada regarding trophy fishing hot spots in Arizona, what type of response would you expect to receive? Many folks would chuckle, then question…fishing in a desert? And then blurt out stuff like, rattlesnakes, cacti, road runners, Grand Canyon and gila monsters. Monsters, you got that right…monsters of the finned variety.........

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.Munck's Monstrous Momma
By Gregg Munck
Arizona's State Record Walleye
I've never met a fisherman who was superstitious. But if you were to ever run into one, they have some interesting rituals. Some have normal quirks like a lucky hat, shirt, or lure. I've seen them toss coins into the water before the start of a tournament. Others might wear the same underwear if they are doing well in a three-day tournament. Or some might do silly things like put a penny in their shoe and many fishermen carry a lucky horseshoe in their boat. Do any of these shenanigans really work? I don't know but I am guilty of the last two mentioned.........

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile.Bass On Local Lakes are Beddin' Up
By Tom Lester II
Anglers that enjoy shallow water bassin', especially bed fishing, your time is now. With the recent warm weather we have been experiencing, the bass have moved into shallow water for their annual courtship referred to as the spawn.........

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile.R-C Rebound
By Tom Lester II
Like many lakes across the country, our own Richland-Chambers has gone through a transformation of sorts over the past several years. Ask any of the folks you know that might spend time on the lake and I'm sure they will tell you how different it looks compared to when it opened to the public.........

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile.Aquatic Vegetation...Friend and Foe
By Tom Lester II
As Lake Richland-Chambers continues to age, the dynamics of the lake change quite rapidly. A great deal of the large timber in the lake has fallen, opening the lake up for all to see it's enormous size as Texas' 3rd largest inland lake.........

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.Transition Walleyes
By Gregg Munck
Well another year is coming to an end. The days are shorter, nights much cooler. And the leaves have turned. Most outdoorsman can no longer hear "the call of the wild" and they have given into the call of the recliner and football games. Before you decide to put that last rod and reel in storage for the season. You might want to consider an early winter fishing trip.........

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile.Remembering Our Heroic Outdoorsmen
By Tom Lester II
As an avid bass angler, this is the time of year I start getting mentally prepared for the upcoming months when bass fishing reaches it's pinnacle. In fact, I'm getting down right excited. For me, there's nothing like shallow water bass fishing during the spawn in the spring. It's explosive and exciting........

Click Here To View Dennis Bryant's Profile."A Simple Word of Advice!"
By Dennis Bryant
Sooner or later, everyone that fishes tournaments; “hits the wall” and loses control over big-tournament situations at the worst possible time. Maybe this article will help you eliminate that possibility ~ before it happens!
“John Doe” wrote an email to me about a week ago, and said that he “had just had the opportunity of a lifetime, and blew it!” He said that he “wanted to go home after the second day of a four-day circuit-finals tournament; because everything he was doing was going wrong......

Click Here To View Leo Watson's Profile. "Dock Talk"
By Leo Watson
I have been wondering for the last couple of weeks or so what subject to do my next article on. Well as I am sure you are aware of there is a lot that can written about bass fishing. I always try to do something a little different. I want each of my articles to mean something to each individual angler and inform them about things that can make a difference in their success rate......

Click here to view Paul's profileSpring Halibut Fishing Techniques
By Paul Smith
Early spring is the time of the herring spawn on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and all the predator species move in to feast. The salmon, rockfish and halibut will move in shore to gorge themselves on the abundance of bait fish that are present. The killer whales, seals and sharks will also move in to take advantage of the large numbers of salmon, rockfish and halibut that are milling around the spawn. Such is the cycle of Mother Nature's food chain where everything depends on something else for survival.....


Click Here To View Charles Stuart's Profile.Do your Homework!
By: Charles Stuart
Just for the record, this is NOT a parental guide to getting the kids to do their homework, as I gave up on that idea a long time ago! The "homework" in question concerns the work required prior to a tournament or a day on the water, if you plan to catch fish.........

Click Here To View Bob Popp's Profile."PHD in Bass Fishing"
By Bob Propp
Bass fishermen today have more information available to us than ever before. With so much information, how can someone absorb it all? You can't!
You have to have some method of organizing this information. I will go over some of my methods of organizing this information. Some of my methods are simple and some I take to the next level........

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.The Big Bass Bite, Rocks at Night!
By Gregg Munck
If you are looking for an exciting and truly memorable fishing adventure that you won't soon forget, I would suggest that you schedule a bass fishing trip under the cover of darkness. I can't even remember how many years ago that I started launching my boat into the still of the night

Click here to view Paul's profileUsing Downriggers to Find the Fish
By Paul Smith
When trolling with downriggers, you can always control the depths at which you fish thereby increasing your chances at catching fish. I like to start out with two rods per downrigger when the fishing is slow and I'm trying to find the depth they're holding at.....

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile."Wind Can Be Your Friend"
By Gregg Munck
Have you ever scheduled a special fishing trip way in advance? Maybe for a vacation., or you hired a guide to fish unfamiliar water, which you have been looking forward to for years. Possibly, it is the next tournament on your favorite lake. Maybe you only have a couple of days left to film some footage for an outdoors television show. Sure enough, Mother Nature decides to pull some of her old tricks just as you are hooking the boat trailer up to the truck..........

Click Here To View Leo Watson's Profile."Hook Placement "
By Leo Watson
I know what you are thinking, how hard can it be to rig a hook in the bait properly? That in itself is a completely different subject. That is not what I'll be talking about in this article. When I talk about hook placement within this article, it will be about the placement of where the bass is hooked, and what it can tell you. Actually the idea for this article was conceived while at a personal appearance earlier in the year.......

Click Here To View Steve Von Brandt's Profile.West Coast Vancouver Island Spring Opportunities
By Jason Mohl
Breaking free from the grasp of another West Coast winter has many positive effects on the people that inhabit and enjoy "life on the edge" The surrounding environment continuously reminds us of the seasonal changes, currently showing marked advances into more spring like conditions. For many of us, these natural reminders automatically turn our thoughts to the different fishing opportunities once again available for us to enjoy...

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile."S.O.S. …Save Our Ships, Better Yet, Your Ship"
By Tom Lester II
Each year about this time we see our first frost of the season. Most of your minds are focused in on the upcoming Holiday Seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our house is no exception. We are looking forward to seeing family and friends during this time. As boat owners, however, it is also time, perhaps even a little tardy, for us to take care to protect the investment we have in our boats and personal water craft (PWC's). This often-overlooked chore can mean a great deal of disappointment and money come spring, when most people's thoughts turn back to boating. A little effort on your part now can save, save, save next spring. Let's take a look at some of the things we need to do.......

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.JERKBAITS + WATER = MONSTER FISH
By Gregg Munck
When you're searching for larger than average size fish, increase your odds by using the correct tools. Jerkbaits are an extremely versatile lure, and they have the attributes that interest many species of fish. Floating, suspending, and countdown models are available in many different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Then you have to decide if rattles are required. So how do you pick the right lure.........

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile."Hooking Up and Staying Hooked"
By Tom Lester II
Last month while fishing in the FLW Outdoors Texas Tournament Trail championship tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard, I learned a valuable lesson about hooks. On Saturday and then again on Sunday, I lost fish during the tournament that looking back, probably cost me placing high enough to earn a check in the tournament. It wasn't until I returned home, thinking back on what I could have done differently in order to place higher that I realized one of my errors. I was using the wrong hook for the type of fishing I was doing......

Click Here To View Tom Lester's Profile."Finding Your Way Home"
By Tom Lester II
I can remember the first time I took my boat out on an unfamiliar body of water for a fishing trip. Although I had studied a map of the lake I was going to be fishing, I found it a bit intimidating to find my way around once I was on the water. The creeks and landmarks that appeared so visible on the map, where not nearly defined and easy to find when puttin' around on the water. I'm sure that this happens to almost everyone that goes boating at some time or another......

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.Pitching and Flipping Pure Adrenalin
By Gregg Munck
Some people climb mountains, while others race cars or motorcycles. Then there's a rare breed that actually ride bulls to achieve their thrills. I prefer to get my adrenaline rush by pitching and flipping the thickest cover I can find for largemouth bass.........

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