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Collection Of Articles And Tips By The Bass on Hook Pro Staff

Over the years we here at Bass on Hook have been privledged to work with some exceptional pro staff writers and some awesome non professional writers.

Some of them have passed on or have moved on to bigger and better things.

We are saddened by those pro staff members that have passed away and miss them terribly.

We are also saddened by those who have moved on to other stages of their life and wish them well.

For every article or tip in this selection we have verbal and/or written permission from the writers themselves to continue to publish the work on our website.

If you have an article on this website and you feel you didn't authorize use of it to us, then we would love to hear from you to get it straightened out.

If you are one of the previous writers who contributed to our website and would like to contribute again please contact us through our writers form so we can welcome you back!

The Professional Staff Members Who Have Contributed Their Fishing Knowledge

Charles Stuart

Click Here To View Charles Stuart's Profile

Professional Bass Angler Charles “The Bass Doctor” Stuart is a long time pro staff member and has contributed many articles (7)and tips to our website over the years.

His dedication to providing other bass anglers with valuable information and lessons on how to fish for bass speaks for itself!

Read through all his articles for excellent advice on bass fishing technics and skills required to turn pro.

Charles also contributes regularly to our Questions And Answers section where he answers all questions you have on bass fishing!

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Jason Mohl

Click Here To View Jason Mohl's Profile.

When you visit professional fishing guide Jason (Jay) Mohl's profile page you will find some excellent articles about how to fish the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada for salmon, steelhead and trout.

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Gregg Munck

Click Here To View Gregg Munck's Profile.

Trophy Fisherman Gregg Munck is a legend in the Arizona fishing circle!

He set state records for largest Walleye, recieved numerous other large fish awards, is an accomplished author and has degrees in applied science and business administration.

We haven't heard from Gregg in a long time and hope he is doing well and still catching trophy fish!

Read Greggs articles (7) and you'll be glad you did as his fishing style and technics are some of the best out there!

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Leo Watson

Click Here To View Leo Watson's Profile.

Professional Tournament Bass Angler Leo Watson has written a few quality (8) articles for Bass on Hook over the years.

We haven't heard from Leo in quite some time and hope he is well and doing what he loves to do.

Leo wrote 3 great articles on the senses of a bass, the feeding behaviour of a bass and a couple of excellent how tos that are a must read.

Leo was quite active in the education of young anglers and has responded to a number of questions in our Q & A section.

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Mike McDonnell

click here to view Mike McDonnells profile

Angler Mike McDonnell is a seasoned tournament fisherman who has written 2 articles for Bass on Hook before going on to do his own thing.

We are very appreciative of his contribution and one of his articles on how to fish the Carolina Rig still gets a lot of attention from our users.

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Nick Ruiz

click here to view Nick Ruiz's profile

Professional bass angler Nick Ruiz loves to teach what he has learned and what he is still learning.

Nick wrote four articles for Bass on Hook in the early years before we lost touch with him.

Those article still get a lot of traffic and provide sound advice on fishing technics and the tools to use when applying your skills in bass fishing.

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Paul Smith

Click here to view Paul's profile

Angler Paul Smith was a professional fishing guide for over 15 years on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada.

He has written two great articles on how to fish for halibut and salmon and which lures and fishing technics work best.

His work has been published in a number of local magazines and newspapers in the area in which he lives.

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Peter Kane

Click here to view Peter Kane's profile

Peter Kane is an experienced saltwater fishing guide and pro biologist with his Masters License for both power and sailing vessels.

Both his articles are well written providing information on catching “Blues” and Sharks.

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Ted Ellenbecker

Click here for Ted Ellenbecker's profile

Angler Ted Ellenbecker is known for his prowess in catching catfish but is just as skilled in catching a large variety of different fish species.

Ted has been in fishing videos, on television and nominated to the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

Ted's articles on how to fish for catfish draw a lot of attention from young anglers who are learning how to catch catfish.

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Tom Lester

Click here for Tom Lester's profile

Professional Angler Tom Lester wrote 12 great articles for Bass on Hook describing how to fish for bass in different seasons with different lures and technics.

His knowledge and skills have helped a lot of young anglers improve their abilities in bass fishing and is well liked by all.

Tom has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture and a Masters Degree in Education.

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Tom Van Horn

Click here for Tom Van Horn's profile

Angler Tom Van Horn is a veteran fishing guide who wrote 1 article for Bass on Hook before we lost touch with him.

His article is information about Indian River Lagoon and the fish that inhabitat that body of water.

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Dennis Bryant

Click here to view Dennis Bryant's profile

Professional Bass Angler Dennis Bryant has written many articles and answered a number of Q&A messages for Bass on Hook over the years.

His love for teaching kids how to fish and providing them with valuable information is unparalleled.

Sadly Dennis passed away a few years back and we miss him dearly.

Read through his articles and answers to questions from you our users and you'll learn a tremendous amount of knowledge on bass fishing and tackle choices.

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