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Fish , harvested from our lakes and oceans, offer a wealth of choices suited to all tastes and budgets. With countless methods of preparation, these versatile foods offer endless possibilities for cooking and eating pleasure. Fish is today's convenience food; nutritious, simple to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious. Fish can make a banquet or a snack to satisfy a gourmet or a fast-food lover.

Fish an important element of North America's diet, is highly recommended by nutritionists, physicians and food professionals around the world because of its contribution to healthy eating patterns. Fish contributes high quality protein to build and maintain body tissues; and in addition supply vitamins A and D, several B vitamins and valuable minerals. For low fat, low calorie diets, fish are good foods. Fish is an ideal choice for people who wish to reduce their weight, to decrease choleserol intake and to maintain good cardiovascular health.

These page links were designed to help you understand the fish basics of buying, cooking, freezing, preparing, seasoning, serving, smoking, storing, and thawing, etc. etc. etc. We are sure there will be something of interest for everyone.

At the top of every page is main navigation bar and a table of contents below it. There are also identical images at the bottom of every page. After every category there will be a text link that takes you to the top of the page. And pages with more than 30 recipes or too much content will be divided into more pages with the links "Previous and Next" to use to jump between the pages.


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