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Leo Watson

Pro Bass Angler Leo Watson

A life long resident of southern New Jersey, Leo Watson has been a union carpenter for the last 15 years.

His goal is to turn his love of bass fishing into a full time job.

With Leo's knowledge and determination, coupled with his sponsors support this is becoming a realistically achievable goal.

This year as far as bass fishing goes, Leo will be fishing the Foxwoods Bass tournament trail as well as Red Mail tournament trail.

This is coupled with the writing of articles and testimonials for various web sites across the country.

Leo also does the research and development work for some of his numerous sponsors.

This is coupled with appearances at sports and fishing shows all across the nation.

Between being a product spokesman, writer, and tournament angler this leaves little time time to relax.

As an avid sportsman, Leo is more at home fishing or hunting than he is in the house.

Leo has always been involved in some type of sports competition since the age of 8. "It's not just the competition that I love, it's the people and new friends that you meet along the way."

One of the joys that Leo gets from fishing is educating people in the science of bass fishing.

"I have always enjoyed helping people, especially children to learn more about the sport. This is my way of giving back to the sport I love."

We here at BASS on HOOK are very pleased to have Leo as one of our affiliate writers and are certain that after reading his articles you will also agree.

Articles And Pro Tips By Leo Watson

Leo is a very accomplished angler and writer and will educate you on bass fishing.

The following articles are available from Leo Watson:

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