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In this section you can read through questions that other visitors have asked our Pro Staff writers. Each general question is answered by at least two of our Pros giving you a bit more than a regular Q & A section. At times however there will be questions asked of individual Pros and the really good ones will be posted here also.

At the bottom of this page you will find an email link to use if you were unable to locate a answer for the specific fishing question you have.

The questions are listed on the page below and then to the right of the question are the names of the Pros who answered that question. Just click on any of their names and you will be taken to a page that has each of their responses.

Question Asked Answered By:
LEO, -------- Thank you for your article on " DOCK TALK ". It got me to think about gut feeling & confidence in " our own abilities & knowledge to assemble a game plan --- be it fun fishing or competition. I gave up tourny fishing many years ago. It was getting very commercialized & not enjoyable to participate. Good Luck in all your endeavers. CAL Leo Watson
Hey Charles. My name is charles also. I am 13 and iv'e already caught a 8, 11, & 12 pound bass. My friends and family always tell me I like to fish to much. Plus my grandpa owns a pond not even 2 miles from the house. I was just wondering whats the eaisiest way I could become pro or get into any contest at my age? I live in georgia so I don't know how long it will be. So what do you suggest I do?
The Bass Doctor
Trying to attract more bass in a creek. what about chum? a special kind? would chum only attract catfish? we have a 7to1 ratio bass in favor. dont want to scare the bass away. Leo Watson
The Bass Doctor
The Fishing Professor
Mr. Watson, I would like to know if red hooks do give an angler an advantage over one who uses a standard hook. I have used both and the results haven’t been lopsided one way or the other. Also sir, the group of people who I fish with have started using yum garlic spray on our plastic worms; are bass attracted to garlic? We fish a lot of weed beds and the competition can get pretty fierce on whos right or wrong on matters such as these. Thank you for your time sir and God bless.

Leo Watson

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