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Leo Watson, Dennis "The Fishin Professor" Bryant, Ted Ellenbecker and Tom Lester are no longer available to answer questions but Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart and Paul Smith are.

Question AskedAnswered By
Question Asked

LEO, -------- Thank you for your article on "DOCK TALK".

It got me to think about gut feeling & confidence in " our own abilities & knowledge to assemble a game plan --- be it fun fishing or competition.

I gave up tourny fishing many years ago.

It was getting very commercialized & not enjoyable to participate.

Good Luck in all your endeavers.


Answered By:

Leo Watson
Question Asked

Hey Charles.

My name is charles also.

I am 13 and iv'e already caught a 8, 11, & 12 pound bass.

My friends and family always tell me I like to fish to much.

Plus my grandpa owns a pond not even 2 miles from the house.

I was just wondering whats the eaisiest way I could become pro or get into any contest at my age?

I live in georgia so I don't know how long it will be.

So what do you suggest I do?

Answered By:

The Bass Doctor
Question Asked

Trying to attract more bass in a creek.

what about chum?

a special kind?

would chum only attract catfish?

we have a 7to1 ratio bass in favor.

dont want to scare the bass away.

Answered By:

Leo Watson
The Bass Doctor
The Fishing Professor
Question Asked

Mr. Watson, I would like to know if red hooks do give an angler an advantage over one who uses a standard hook.

I have used both and the results haven’t been lopsided one way or the other.

Also sir, the group of people who I fish with have started using yum garlic spray on our plastic worms; are bass attracted to garlic?

We fish a lot of weed beds and the competition can get pretty fierce on whos right or wrong on matters such as these.

Thank you for your time sir and God bless.

Answered By:

Leo Watson
Question Asked

I was wondering if you think I would need to go to school to learn about the way that fish act, live, spawn,and that kind of stuff or if there was a better way besides school?

I’m 24 and since I was about 16 I have wanted to become a pro or at least try to.

I’m fixing to purchase my first bass boat so I can really start hitting the lakes hard every weekend and joining a local tournament group.

If there is any suggestions or tips that you may have to help me please inform me.

God Bless, Jonathan Wilson

Answered By:

The Bass Doctor
Question Asked

How Old Do You Have To Be To Become A Pro Fisherman?

Can you GIve me a list of sponsors that are looking for a young fisherman.

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Question Asked

Hi Paul.

I found your article about fishing for halibut on the internet.

You have some great info on catching these fish.

We are fishing Pacific halibut off the So. Oregon coast this spring but we haven't had a whole lot of expereince at it.

We've been on a few trips (Guided) out of Alaska, Canada and the North oregon coast with very good results.

We now have a big enough boat to venture out ourselves for these morsels.

We know what type of bottom to look for but what we'd like to learn a little more about is what to look for on the screen.

Are we looking for flat plateaus that rise up from deep waters?

The fishing was so good when we went that we didn't pay much attention to what was on the screen.

Our mistake.

Without spending too much time we'd appreciate a couple tips on what to look for.

Many thanks.

Darol Wester

Answered By:

Paul Smith
Question Asked

dear mr. watson, my friend and i are trieng to catch bass to put in his pond.

we are not sure how to determine if the bass is a male or a female we want to know this so we dont take to many fish out of there habitat.

we would really appriciate if u could tell us how to define between male and female.

from: a fellow angler hunter buck

Answered By:

Leo Watson
Question Asked

my friend and i are trieng to put bass in my pond and r wanting to no what a baby largemouth bass eats.

the bass are about 5 inches in length.

the pond is only 1/4 acre.

would this be large enough to sustain bass?

there are some tiny minnows in there but im not sure how many.

could the bass find there own food or do i have to provide them?

i have some shrimp pellets that i used to feed my aquarium fishwith, would that work?

thank you for your time

Answered By:

Leo Watson
Question Asked

You're article indicated females are larger than males.

How do you actually determine the difference between a large male and not so large female?

I ask this because in the waters I fish I seldomly see them (and their behavior: nest guarding...etc) until they are on the hook on their way into the boat.

B. Manley

Answered By:

Leo Watson