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Pro Staff Question - What Is The Best Way To Become A Pro Or Enter Any Contest At 13

Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart's Answer

Pro Bass Angler Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart

Hi Charles!

Education Is Very Important To Becoming A Bass Pro

You seem to be on track with your bass fishing, but remember not too lose sight of your education and going to college!

Most of the professional anglers on the professional tour today have degrees in fisheries or marine biology.

If you can get your parents written consent and have an angler 18 years or older with you, you could check to see if there is an annual amateur Bass Pro event in your area.

Local fishing clubs often run junior tournaments and you should check on line or with other fishermen in your town where these clubs meet and if they have a junior section.

My personal suggestion to you Charles is to continue doing what your doing, have fun with it and learn as many different techniques as you can.

Carolina rigging, Texas rigging, sharpen your spinner bait and buzz bait skills, learn the fine line finesse techniques, getting your bait caster rig out for jig and pig flipping and pitching.

All of the best anglers can do these types of fishing and is a key to their success year after year!

Tight Lines!

Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart
BassonHook Pro Staff

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