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Pro Staff Question - How Do You Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Bass

Leo Watson's Answer

Pro Bass Angler Leo Watson

Hello and thank you for writing in.

This is a great question.

My advice to you is catch a couple of bass that are different in sizes.

The largest is usually a female.

Look at its belly and you will see either a round or oval shape.

This is their anus.

The oval shaped should be the female.

That is the only tell tale sign to distinquish between a male and female bass.

Recognizing Bedding Bass Stages Of The Spawn

Keep track of this if you are ever exposed to fishing bedding bass and take note of the above information.

This is one sign that will let you know what stage of the spawn they are actually in.

As always if you have any more questions just forward them through this fine web site.

Thank you,

Leo Watson

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