Dock Talk

I have been wondering for the last couple of weeks or so what subject to do my next article on.

Well as I am sure you are aware of there is a lot that can written about bass fishing.

I always try to do something a little different.

I want each of my articles to mean something to each individual angler and inform them about things that can make a difference in their success rate.

I was at one of my sponsors office the other day when some of our other Pro Staff members were there.

We were talking about the upcoming season and the destinations we were fishing, about how last years events went and what to look forward to for this upcoimng season.

My new partner for this years Foxwood's Bass Challenge Tour is new to our Pro Staff and he as well as I just kind of sat back and listened to all the talk going on between the Pro Staffers and the sponsor.

I did listen intently to every thing they had to say.

My partner John Erickson said nothing being new to this team and just looked at me.

When the meeting was over and just my partner, myself and the owner were left two words came to mind "DOCK TALK".

I can remember just starting out and coming up through the ranks when I used to try to pick up all the dock talk I could.

I know looking back now I can honestly say I have never gained from dock talk.

I can in reality say it has cost me thousands of dollars in prize money.

How Dock Talk Cost Me And What I learned From It

I can still vividly remember back in the 80's going to fish a club tournament against another club and one of our members asking me what I was planning to use.

To this day, even after 10 years or more I can still remember him telling me no that won't work.

What ever you do don't through that.

It just wont work here.

That day he threw my bait selection and won that tournament going away.

I learned a very important lesson that day and it still sticks with me every time I'm on the water.

Have confidence in your own ability, stick by your own judgments and unless you personally know the person don't get hung up with dock talk!

I would like to have a dollar for every person I have seen taken completely out of a tournament by listening to dock talk.

You will find that unless you know the person or you know exactly the right questions to ask that you have very little to gain from dock talk.

I have heard people sit there and tell people that they were catching fish on a $15 lure.

By the next day the local tackle shop would be sold out.

The people giving out that information also took all of those people who purchased the $15 lures right out of the tournament because they sold them on bad and inaccurate information.

This may sell product for a local tackle shop over time but the educated angler will realize what happened and move on.

My Personal Opinion of Dock Talk

What do I personally think of dock talk?

I don't believe in it.

As far as I am concerned unless you personally know the individual make your own judgments as to the worth of the information being offered.

Look back at the instance that I've told you about and learn from my earlier mistakes.

When I come off the ramp now I just pull out and go.

If you are going to ask questions at the dock ask a well trusted Pro.

Just as important if not more so, learn to ask the right questions.

Learn to dig for more detail about a specific lure or technique that you are inquiring about.

To give you an example when throwing a Gitzit the most frequent question I get asked is what color I'm throwing.

I personally will always answer all questions honestly.

The color may or may not have a thing to do with catching bass on that given day.

It could be line size, weight, scent, technique, etc.

If you don't learn to ask the proper questions your learning will be limited.

Take the time to think before you ask and don't be satisfied with out getting the whole answer.

Learn to ask the right questions and most Pro's will be happy to answer them for you.

I can assure you that at least one Pro will take the time to answer all your questions.

Learn to ask the right ones and you will greatly improve your fishing success.

To Sum Up Dock Talk

In closing, stay away from dock talk in general.

Have enough faith in your own ability and education.

Stick with your game plan once you have established your pattern.

When in doubt contact your area Pro.

He or she most likely will set you in the right direction.

If you are still in doubt contact me.

You will always get a straight answer and you might not even have to ask all the right questions to get a full set of answers.

Good luck,
Leo Watson
Pro Staff

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