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Pro Staff Question - Do Red Hooks Give An Angler An Advantage Over Standard Hooks

Leo Watson's Answer

Pro Bass Angler Leo Watson

To start with Mr. Reid it has been proven that red does provoke a response from bass.

I myself use both.

At this point I can't say that I notice a major difference my self.

As far as scent is concerned I am a very big fan of scents.

Why Using Scents For Bass Fishing Works

These provide a couple different advantages as opposed to non scented baits.

First off they cover your human odor.

You could be the cleanest person in the world however, every time you touch your lure you still leave a human scent on it.

If you are unfamiliar with the bass' senses I suggest you read the articles I wrote concerning them located at this web site.

With regard to using a spray, that would be the last way I would choose to scent a bait.

I prefer a liquid attractant.

To scent your bait properly I suggest you pour the scent in to an airtight bag with your lures and let the scent stay on them over night.

Using Scents On Plastic Worms

Most people don't realize that the plastics actually will draw the scent right into the lure.

This will provide a scented bait that will last a lot longer for you.

If you just spray it on and throw it out most of your scent will come off in the first cast.

Garlic scent will work and at times I do use it however, I chose my scent by what the fish are feeding on.

If their primary forage is shad then I use a shad attractant.

If it is crawfish then a crawfish scent would work better.

These scents would be more natural and therefore would night spook the bass.

One other thing that scent also helps with especially on a tough bite or heavily pressured fish, is it will help them hold on to your bait longer and will allow you more time to set the hook.

If you are wondering what my scent of choice is just check out my sponsor listing on this sight.

And you could always go to your local Bass Pro Shops and purchase some too.

As always if you have any more questions just forward them through this fine web site.

Thank you,

Leo Watson

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