Here you will find recipes for baking, barbecuing, braising, broiling, cooking, deep frying, grilling, pan frying, poaching, roasting, smoking and steaming fish of all species. If you have a fish recipe for us or one for a species of fish we don't have please submit it here. These recipes were collected from other sites on the net, our own personal cook books/contacts and from your submissions. The pages are set up with a table of contents at the top of the page that links to the corresponding recipe below. At the bottom of each recipe, is a link to take you back to the top of the page. Pages with more than 30 recipes will be divided into more pages with the text links "Previous and Next" used to jump between them.

See symbol key below table for details.

*Anchovy (P)
**Bass (A,F,P)
**Blue Gill (F)
**Bluefish (A)
***Carp (F)
***Catfish (F)
**Codfish (A,F,P)
**Crappie (F)
*Eel (A,F,P)
**Flounder (A,P)
**Gar (F)
**Grouper (A,P)
**Haddock (A,P)
**Hake (A,P)
***Halibut (A,P)
*Herring (A,P)
*Mackerel (A,P)
**Perch (F)
**Pike (F)
**Rockfish (P)
*Salmon (A,F,P)
*Skate (A,P)
**Smelt (A,F,P)
**Sole (A,P)
*Tilapia (A)
*Trout (F)
**Tuna (A,P,L)
***Tuna (A,P,D)
***Turbot (A)
**Walleye (F,P)

Key to Symbols

* Fat species
** Lean species
*** Medium fat species
A Atlantic Ocean
F Freshwater
P Pacific Ocean
L Light Meat
D Dark Meat

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