Buying Fish

Fresh or Frozen?

If you have ever wondered about the relative advantages of fresh versus frozen fish, it is helpful to know that more and more professional chefs use both fresh and frozen fish interchangeably in their foodservice operations.

Taste panel tests carried out in the Fisheries Food Center show that consumers find the flavor, texture and appearance of frozen and fresh fish equally acceptable.

Both fresh and frozen fish offer similar nutritional value.

Market Forms

Whole or Round-





Buying Fresh

Like other foods, fish are perishable, so look for the following characteristics as a guide to good quality.

Tips for Buying Fresh Whole Fish

Tips for Buying Fresh Fillets and Steaks


Buying Frozen

Freezing locks in freshness, flavor and texture.

To maintain quality, pickup frozen products at the end of your shopping trip, choose packages displayed below the maximum-load line of the freezer counter and store them in the coldest part of your home freezer unit.

The following tips will help you to determine the quality of frozen fish.

Tips for Buying Frozen Fish