Buzzbaits 101: Session #2 of 2
By: Dennis Bryant "Fishing-Professor"
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Now, On With Session 2 of The Course!

Without trying to make a short story long, this session will be short & sweet!

When To Use Buzzbaits - Buzzbaits can be used anytime that you want to actively cover a large area, in a very short period of time, to pick up only aggressive fish! Remember; buzzbaits cause a strictly reflex strike from Bass, as well as a lot of other game fish. Nighttime or daytime, a buzzbait can cover a lot of water in a short period of time, with an unusually excellent success rate! (Slow the retrieve considerably at night and early morning, just to give the fish a better chance to locate & hone-in on the lure!) Buzzbaits work extremely well in three of the four seasons throughout the United States. If you're lucky enough to live in an area where the water doesn't get hard in the winter; it's a complete ‘year-round lure’. And that's for sure! Presentation speed seems to be the only seasonal differences (faster in the summer, slower in the winter, and in between -?- whatever speed the Bass seem to want on a given day, give them!). A buzzbait is a lot like fishing a top-water lure (because it is one). There is no right or wrong time or place to use one! Just master the where & how to fish them.

Where To Use Buzzbaits

  • Remember the following hint: the direction that the blade rotates is the direction that the lure will run. Bump the structure (whatever it is) with a buzzbait, just as much as is possible. A counterclockwise blade rotation will run the lure to the left on retrieve. (when facing a dock; use this lure to fish the right side of the dock) A clockwise rotation of the blade will run the lure to the right during the retrieve. (when facing a dock; use this lure to fish the left side of the dock) The only buzzbait that runs in a straight-line is a twin arm buzzbait with counter- rotating blades.
  • In Session #1 I gave you an idea of one perfect situation where a buzzbait shows its' true colors (a weed-choked cove, with emerged structure). It is my first 'bait of choice' in a ‘near-perfect’ situation like that!
  • Anytime that you enter an area that has predominantly submerged weeds (allowing at least 3" to 6" of open water, above what might look like solid weed-matting); seriously consider using a buzzbait first!
  • Anytime that you approach a long emerged weed-bed, or a shoreline that has a lot of long submerged grasses; seriously consider using a buzzbait first!
  • The next time that you enter a cove that has a shoreline covered with lily pads running from the edges of the shore to a distance of more than 20 feet; seriously consider using a buzzbait first!
  • A buzzbait is an excellent tool for fishing open stretches of water parallel to the bank, with water clarity of more than 3 feet.
  • Floating docks (bounce the lure off of the docks).
  • Piers, Bridge Pilings, and elevated docks (bounce the lure off of the pilings).
  • Riprap edges are an excellent place to fish parallel to the shoreline, beginning at a depth of about 3 feet ( make the lure trail away from the shoreline).
  • The deep-water and weeded outside edges of a beach area..
  • Swim-platforms (circle the platform, bumping it as often as possible)
  • Boats tied up to a dock (BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE BOAT)
  • Fan-cast to weed-covered, exposed points like you would with a crank-bait (extremely effective early morning and late evening)
  • Stumps, lay-downs, sunken structure (run the bait into, alongside, and over the top of them)
I know that I only missed about a thousand other places that a buzzbait can be used effectively. Try it out yourself, and, I’m sure that you’ll get the hang of it quick!


How To Use A Buzzbait

If you’ve followed session #1 & #2 you’ve read how to properly use a buzzbait. To just refresh you memory a little bit:

Cast, or pitch the buzzbait to and beyond your target. Control the direction of the lure by choosing the correct rotation of the blade being used on it. Begin the retrieve before the lure touches the water. Keep your rod-tip raised during the entire retrieve. Retrieve at a speed only fast enough to keep the blade at the surface, making noise and splashing water steadily. Bump into the emerged structure you might be fishing, very regularly. Do Not Set The Hook Until You Feel The Weight Of The Fish! Don’t jump the gun, and pull the lure out of the fish’s mouth! Fish a buzzbait the same way that you would fish a crank-bait, only at the surface!

Coming Next: Series # 3 which will deal with Correcting common-flaws that occur in spinnerbaits & buzzbaits during normal use. "What To Do When It Goes Bad – Murphy’s Law Redefined"

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