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Bass on Hook Pro Staff Questions and Answers - Page 3

Welcome to page three of questions and answers from our pro staff writers.

The pros will answer all your questions to improve your fishing skills and performance.

Pros like Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart, and Paul Smith will provide you with great answers to all of your questions related to bass fishing or any other species.

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Leo Watson, Dennis "The Fishin Professor" Bryant, Ted Ellenbecker and Tom Lester are no longer available to answer questions but Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart and Paul Smith are.

Question AskedAnswered By:
Question Asked

Dear, Charles Stuart, I read your article on "so you want to go pro".

And I am still very drivin to go as far as I can to be a professional angler.

I do not own a boat so I would be a back seat fisherman, and also mean's I have much to learn about navigating a boat to productive water, and reading the finder and so on.

I try to study as much as possible here on the internet and in the bassmaster magazine.

It has great hint's but none of them possible if I do not use them on the water.

I have really come a long way in my skills, but I have so much more to learn.

But I do have the drive and desire to compete, and at the same time try to have fun.

I fish everyday and learn every day, I am catching much larger bass than I ever have mostly with spinner's and crankbaits, the biggest on the o'l jig&pig.

But I am having a hard time with the plastic baits.

It's not that I am not catching fish, it is the fact that I am having a hard time feeling the terrain that I am fishing.

I have a pretty decent rod that I use for my worm fishing.

I use the Bionic Blade and a pretty nice baitcaster.

I know that using the plastic correctly can give rewarding results.

I have read that you need to concentrate on the line and the feeling, but something is missing!?

Another question about entering some tounaments.

I have a chance to enter the Bassmaster Eastern tournament as a non boater.

And to be honest I haven't even fished a tournament ever but I though that would be a good thing for me to be in that enviroment from the get go.

They are 4, 1 day tournaments 3 in maryland and 1 in virginia.

I know most people start at the local level and work there way up but is that really nessisary??

Is there any way to contact people that are traveling to tournament and car pool with them, have you heard of anyone doing that?

I do not have ton's of money I'm sure you know that.

But 1 good day of fishing to me is worth a billion dollars.

I am going to pursue this to the best of my ability.

I know in my heart that I have what it takes!!

If you could give me any information (contacts) that would help me to get started I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for your time.


Kasey R. Montgomery

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Question Asked

My name is Adam Dixon.

I am in the 6th grade at River Side Middle School and I am doing a science fair project on breaking strength on fishing lines.

My question is what effect temperature has on the breaking strength of fishing lines, specifically temperatures that range from freezing to about 100 degrees.

I will be testing lines from 4lbs up to 15lbs under these conditions.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Leo Watson
Question Asked

Charles, I read your article on becoming a pro fisherman.

I have fished for years and I know I really have never "fished."

I learn new stuff every time I go out.

I do however have an uncany nack for catching big fish.

I live in western washington, and would like to know where I could get started fishing in tourny's...if you know any sites to help I would appreciate it.

Im only 25 and have no family to make a life of fishing difficult.

Let me now if you can ....

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Question Asked

Good day sir.

I just finished reading your article on halibut fishing techniques, and found it very informative.

My wife and I are avid salmon fisherman off of Victoria and are just starting to do some halibut fishing.

I have a question in regards to the line we should be using on our reels.

Is the Tuff Line 80lb test white dacron line good or should we be using a heavier monofilament line?

The reason I ask is because I would think that the white line would be visible to the halibut, or is this not a concern.

Hugh Pollard

Answered By:

Paul Smith
Question Asked

First of all I would like to thank you for your informative website.

I have been fishing for years but all I have fished with is live baits.

I am just now getting into fishing with artificials.

I would love to eventually learn the sport well and become pro.

I have no boat nor can I afford one at the moment.

What would be the best way to learn the sport in your opinion with no boat?

I am also overwhelmed at the amount of lures there are to fish with and only have a vage understanding of how to fish with any of them.

What suggestions do you have for what lures to learn first and how to learn the sport with no boat?

Also what is a minimum time span for learning the sport well enough to begin to win some money tournaments?


Roy Grace

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Dennis Bryant
Question Asked

Hello, I have recently moved down to Table Rock Lake (in Missouri) and decided that I would like to start fishing some of the tournaments here.

I have been fishing most of my life (age 37) and have actually been pretty good at catching quality fish if I do say so myself.

I am pretty lucky because I have the time to be on the water all most everyday.

Which is a big help in achiving my goal.

The reason I wrote you is that I am looking for some different technique on finesse fishing drop shot rigs and on carolina rigs.

I am trying to add more diversity to my tactics in hopes to become an even better angler.

I am trying to take what works for others and what works for me and combine that knowledge to hopefully have a better understanding on how to produce heavy stringers year round.

Well thank you for this opportunity to write you and any and all information will be appreciated.

Keep On Flippin Thank You


Answered By:

Dennis Bryant
Leo Watson
Question Asked

Once I've won a couple of tournaments and top ten in several others, what steps do I take to find a local sponsor?

What will I need to do to keep this sponsor besides fishing consistently in tournaments?

What will my responsibilities be to this sponsor outside of advertisment?



Answered By:

Dennis Bryant
Leo Watson
Question Asked

When bass fishing I use many different lures but do not know what type of bait they actually represent.

For instance, do plastic worms represent earth worms or snakes, what do grubs, tubes represent.

What is a good place to find out this information.


Jeremy Murrell

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Dennis Bryant
Leo Watson
Question Asked

Ok is there any pro catfishermen out there that can tell me how to go pro or anything at all ...??

Answered By:

Charles Stuart
Dennis Bryant
Question Asked

Where do I start, to become pro fisherman?

David and Andrea Radtke

Answered By:

Charles Stuart

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