"McCoy Fishing Line, Worth Writing About"
By: Mike McDonnell
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At the start of my fishing career I was like most people, searching out the latest, greatest, newest and brightest items on the market that I was told would catch me more fish. Going to my local tackle shop and having the salesperson sell me on the benefits of using the products that just went on sale because the store wants the anglers to get a good buy. In that brief time did you see me take the bait, swallow the bait, and the salesperson set the hook? I swallowed it all. My goal was to become an "instant angler". After 5 years of fishing tournaments I now find myself equipped with the quality tools of fishing. The one product that I learned early on was arguably the most important tool in the boat, was line. Yes, fishing line. As the old story goes, "Your line is what keeps you attached to every fish you catch." McCoy fishing line has been my line of choice since 1994. McCoy fishing line has been made since 1935, with the reputation of being a tournament quality, co-polymer, nylon fishing line, McCoy line meets or exceeds all of my expectations for a fishing line.

McCoy fishing line is made for all kinds of fishing techniques, such as pitching/flippin’, Carolina-rigging, spit-shotting, crankbaiting, spinnerbaits, and topwater. Each application offers different ways for McCoy line to show off its strengths. In pitching/flippin’ because of the smaller diameter it pitches a little further than conventional line. This gives you the opportunity to stay further from your target and still stay accurate. With dragging and Carolina-rigging techniques you want long, tangle free casts. McCoy gives you both. McCoy, because of the silicone saturation casts further with fewer tangles. Carolina rigging would cause spinning/twisting of the line, with McCoy this problem has been eliminated, I have no more problems with line twisting or tangling. Dragging football heads along the bottom in the rocks may cause other anglers to look closer at the line, but McCoy stands up. Split-shotting adds a stress on the line that other applications may not. In applying the splitshot directly to the line there are abrasion problems that could arise, McCoy is abrasion resistant which helps. In my case, I use the McCoy McStopper with a smaller weight, setting it up as a Carolina rig. Using crankbaits, spinnerbaits and topwater, long casts and slow retrieves are used. With the bait out there a long way, hooksets are a concern for anglers. McCoy with its limited stretching gives you the opportunity to set the hook and land the fish.

After using different lines on different poles, and getting confused about which was which, 1999 found all of my Lamiglas poles set up with McCoy line. On my spinning gear I committed to use 8lb test. On all of my baitcasters I used 10lb test, and my flippin’ stick there is 17lb test. In 1999 I did not loose a fish due to knot breakage or line breakage. In the past I had searched for the perfect line, there is no more searching, or buying what is on sale at the tackle store, I buy McCoy line, and I recommend it to my friends. That’s right, I still pay for my line, and I buy McCoy. McCoy gives me the confidence to throw lures into heavier cover than you would think of throwing 8lb or 10lb test line. Also, in pitching the line, being smoother off the reel gives me confidence to pitch into places where accuracy is the key.

McCoy line is not the answer for you to become an "instant angler", that comes with time and energy that you expend. McCoy line will help you because it will eliminate a few of the problems your peers are having with their line. Use a line that is tournament tested in the west, McCoy fishing line.

Mike McDonnell

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