A Tofino Update...
By Jason Mohl

We thought you might appreciate a quick update on the happenings of Tofino and our water issue - particularly if you (or others you know) are planning a visit to the west coast this fall and may now be uncertain about your travel plans.

A quick recap :  The summer of 2006 can now be officially dubbed the “drought in a rainforest” summer!  The dry summer weather provided many great days on the ocean and at our beaches, but it also impacted our local water supply levels, and with construction yet to commence on our new reservoir, Tofino started to run out of water.  

During the last week of August, water conservation in Tofino became a top news story across the nation when businesses were asked to close in order to maintain water levels for fire protection and residential use. However, within three days, several strategies had been implemented which allowed businesses to remain open with water restrictions in place.

So, contrary to many stories out there, Tofino continues to welcome visitors from across the globe and local businesses are open - albeit with some changes in operations in order to meet water conservation guidelines.  (For example, restaurants are not serving tap water with meals, coffee/teas are being made with bottled water and accommodation providers have omitted daily towel service and have reduced/restricted use of Jacuzzi tubs)

In addition to implementing numerous water reduction measures, Tofino's beach resorts and most hotels and restaurants were quick to set up their own water sources allowing them to continue to provide services to visitors while ensuring the residential water supply is not depleted.   Like many other businesses Clayoquot Ventures Guide Service and Clayoquot Vista Guesthouse has continued to operate with the self-imposed regulations, and we have also brought in our own water supply for non-consumption use.

So what's happening now?   Water restrictions are still very much in effect for residents, businesses and visitors alike and will continue to be until the area receives a substantial amount of rain. It is safe to say that we all quickly became much more aware of our water use, and are now all “wiser with our water ”.……“We were happy to do our bit and forego a bath for a quick shower” declared visitors from Edmonton…….. “Nice to see everyone working together through your water problem.  Thanks for providing the bottled water in our room” said others. Travelers who have come to experience Tofino and follow the water conservation measures are having a great time and are very much enjoying our west coast hospitality and scenery.

How's the fishing? - For the Tofino/Clayoquot Sound area, and the surrounding offshore waters, September continues to offer fantastic sport fishing opportunities for most Freshwater and Saltwater species. With the drier than normal conditions on the B.C. coast, migration timing of most Salmon runs has been substantially delayed.

The strong forecasted returns for many Salmon stocks along B.C.'s southern coast, and later than normal timing should allow for great Chinook and Coho Salmon fishing through early October. The prime salmon feeding habitat along Clayoquot's outer coastline has provided great Chinook salmon fishing over the past month, while the offshore waters have been consistent for Chinook and Coho, as well as Halibut and bottom fish.

These prime areas, and Salmon feeding patterns should stay reliable for local and visiting anglers for another 3-5 weeks, along with an exceptional number of Halibut being caught regularly offshore as well.

The inner waters of Clayoquot Sound are often favoured by many during September and October for the season's largest Coho Salmon, which are starting to flood in from the rich offshore feeding grounds.

Light tackle and saltwater fly fishing are very popular options for the season's largest, hard fighting Coho.

Tofino's pristine Freshwater Lakes and Rivers are a great option through the early fall for some diverse fishing opportunities for Trout, Steelhead and Salmon, with total catch and release on local river systems. Half and full day guided excursions are available and our guide team is eager to host you for some fantastic late season action in the Tofino area.

So, other than fishing, what else can we do ? Autumn is a pretty spectacular season in the Clayoquot Sound area and there is certainly more to do and see in Tofino than fishing, which will likely be tapering off by mid to late October.

The opportunity to experience Tofino's breathtaking natural surroundings, art galleries, wildlife viewing tours, kayaking, golfing, spas, and numerous beaches for surfing and beachcombing is readily available.  You will also find that with kids now “back to school” that Clayoquot Vista Guesthouse and many other accommodation providers have “value season” rates which can make it more affordable to do more while you're here, or extend your stay another night or two.

The community of Tofino would be pleased to host you, your family or corporate group this fall for a memorable and enjoyable west coast retreat.  The Westcoast Maritime Festival is September 22-25 and includes several family activities, and the Public Market happens each Saturday morning.

As well, the trail systems in the Pacific Rim National Park are all in great condition as is the challenging Long Beach Golf course . And our spectrum of local beaches are always worth the visit for an afternoon of exploring or surfing.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a popular weekend for Tofino so remember to book early for those dates or check your kids' school schedule for their upcoming Pro-D days and plan one of those weekends as your next Tofino getaway. 

For some West Coast cuisine you can slurp, check out  Tofino's 10 Annual Oysterfest November 17 -18.  By then, we'll all be donning our raingear for some fabulous Stormwatching , which will certainly make summer water restrictions a thing of the past.

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Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Tofino one day soon……

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