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Pro Staff Question - Tips On How To Become A Pro Bass Fisherman

Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart's Answer"

Pro Bass Angler Charles "The Bass Doctor" Bryant

My advice is stay in school, get a degree in marine or fisheries biology and then try for the pro curcuit.

Steps I Took To Become A Pro Bass Angler

I started at the club level and enjoyed competition, but remember its not for everyone and the cost versus the ability to win is tough!

If you have products you like to use, contact the manufacturer and tell them how much you like their stuff and if they are looking for field testing staff or product only pro staff, tell them you would be interested in being part of the team.

I also contacted my local state agency for fisheries and offered my services free of charge to teach adults and children how to fish.

The local newspapers and TV picked up the courses and I got local recognition in 6 months!

Cost me nothing but a few hours of my time and I got sponsorships from local companies within weeks!

Read my article “So You Want To Turn Pro” on this excellent website for more information on what I believe is the right approach.

Tight Lines!

Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart.

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