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Pro Staff Question - What Is The Best Brand Name Rod and Reel To Buy For A Jig

Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart's Answer

Pro Bass Angler Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart

Jigging Poles Are A Matter Of Choice.

I do not know your height, but any fishing rod should be checked against a persons height and abilities.

I am six feet tall and I can comfortably handle a seven foot six inch jigging rod.

A person of five feet should look at a pole of around six foot to six foot six inches.

The action should be medium heavy!

Where To Find A Good Brand Name Rod And Reel To Jig With

Look in your local sports stores such as The Sports Authority or WalMart and try to find a good rod/reel combo.

It is always good to start out with a lower end rod and reel to "learn" the method you wish to try.

As you get better, you can always "trade up" to a better outfit.

Tight Lines!

Charles "The Bass Doctor" Stuart
BassonHook Pro Staff

Dennis "The Fishin Professor" Bryant's Answer

Pro Bass Angler Dennis "The Fishin Professor" Bryant

Great question!

Believe me though, it's one that every professional angler out there would probably answer differently depending on their own personal preferences.

What makes it so tough to suggest a perfect set-up to you is the fact that not any two rod-makers can agree on an industry-wide standard for either 'rod-action', (the lower two-thirds of a rod - also known as "back-bone) or the 'rod-tip taper' (the spot where the rod bends under load-"fast" bends closer to the tip, "slow" bends further down the top one-third of the rod which controls the accuracy of a lure presentation).

My Own Preference For A Jigging Rod Reel Combination

So, let me tell you about my own personal preferences for a jigging rod/reel combination.

For Jig-Fishing shallow-water (flipping and/or pitching skirted-jigs) I prefer using my 7' SHIMANO Trevala 70L Casting Rod, matched with a SHIMANO Caius 150B HG 7.2:1 Low Profile B/C Reel spooled with 17 lb. 'Excalliber' co-polymer line.

For Deep-Water Jig-Fishing (Tubes & Stand-Up Jigs) I prefer using a slower-tipped and a little more forgiving set-up.

One that won't betray my being directly above the jig.

For this, I use my 6'9" Shimano Zodias Spinning Freshwater Bass Fishing Rod, 1pc Power: Med matched with a Shimano Vanford F Spinning Reel, VFC3000XGF spooled with 12 lb. 'Excalliber' co-polymer line.

Both rods are graphite through-handle blanks, with graphite reel-seats and have direct contact points on the seat to the rod.

Both the bait-casting & spinning reels are high-speed retrieve models.

Both have fast enough "tapers" to allow for accurate, soft casts to structure and still have plenty of "back-bone" for a good hook-set.

Neither set-up is a manufacturers' "top-of-the-line" model, nor are they huge-priced items.

But, both accomplish for me just what I expect them to do perfectly!

YOU have to become comfortable with your own equipment.

Buy and use what feels best to you, for your own personal style of fishing!

Good Fishin'!

Dennis Bryant
The Fishin' Professor!

Leo Watson's Answer

Pro Bass Angler Leo Watson

My rod company sponsor Piranha Rods takes good care of me as far as jig fishing goes.

This company offers rods which feature a fast tapered tip.

What A Fast Tapered Rod Means For Your Fishing Success

If you are not familiar with what a fast taper does I will explain.

The fast taper means that the tip of the rod and the first third of the rod bend before the rest.

What this does is give you more feel and sensitivity but still allows plenty of backbone for hook sets as well as plenty power to wrestle the biggest of bass.

My flipping stick is 7' 6" in length.

I would recommend a minimum length on 6'6" for jig fishing and the action would be medium heavy or heavy.

Remember the fast taper in the rods action is key.

Good luck and enjoy.

Thank you,

Leo Watson

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