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Dennis Bryant's Answer:
What color is the last rainbow that you looked at? Seriously, the color of CRAWS in the springtime vary so widely from lake to lake, and even from different sections in the same lake, that it's impossible to honestly answer.

Fly fishermen have an old saying that holds true here! "MATCH THE HATCH"! Don't look at the color of the craws at any local baitstore, and expect very much help either. Most craws soon after capture, change their color, much like a chameleon can, to match their surroundings.

Your best bet for an honest answer that you can see for yourself: turn over a few rocks near where you'll be fishing. Then; "match the hatch"! (Just to give you an example of what that could mean: I only carry twenty-two colors of craws, in two different sizes, in my own bag!)

Charles Stuart's Answer:
Crawfish change color depending upon their surroundings.

In clearwater situations, you should try to match the color of the gravel and bottom. Grey, brown and green are common.

In muddy water, black, dark green and dark brown are more likely to work.

Remember that Crawfish have an underbelly that cannot be altered by it's surroundings. Often the bellies are white or orange in color.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors until you find one that the fish like.

Leo Watson's Answer:
This is a very good question! Most people don't realize that crawfish change color year round. There are also variations of the color change in different areas of the country.

They change color with the different phases of the moon. The colors can include but are not limited to, gray, blue gray, brown, green brown, orange brown. The best way to detect the current color is actually catching or finding live crawfish.

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