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Dennis Bryant's Answer:
The most simple suggestion I can offer would be to:

1. Consider using BRIGHT colored lures on BRIGHT sunny days or in CLEAR water.

2. DARKER colored lures on OVERCAST or DARK days or in STAINED water.

In most cases the above "rule of thumb" works out pretty well.

Charles Stuart's Answer:
To be honest, there is no easy way to determine color selection, but here is what I do when faced with the three standard water clarity types.

Clear water. Light, pale colors (clear if possible). Small to medium size. Use a fast retrieve.

Stained water. Light brown, green and maybe a little chartreuse. Medium sized. Use a moderate retrieve.

Muddy water. Black, dark green browns and blues. (Larger rattles if available) Medium to large size. Use a slow retrieve.

Remember to try and find out the color of the local baitfish and the crawfish to aid you in your color selection.

Size and speed can vary dependent upon baitfish size and water temperature. If the water is warm speed up retrieve, if cold, slow down.

In clear water I like a fast retrieve, as I do not want the bass to get a good look at the lure and possibly reject it.

Leo Watson's Answer:
As a rule of thumb for clear water and clear skies use a clear bait. For stained or muddy water use a darker bait. For the most part I try to keep color selection simple. I try to use shad patterns if the shad is the primary forage. If they are feeding on crawfish then I use my light blues, pumpkins, an even watermelon shades. This is just a reference for colors. Like I said keep it simple. Don't get carried away with to many variations as all this will do is over crowd your tackle box.

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