Preparing Poached Salmon
Skinning and boning a salmon is not as difficult as you might first imagine if you follow these simple steps:

1 Lift the salmon from the fish kettle and lay it on a large board. Using a long thin-bladed knife, cut through the skin along length of the backbone, across tail and around head.

2 Using the blade of the knife, peel off the skin and pull off the fins.

3 With the back of the knife, scrape away shalllow layer of brown coloured flesh over centre of fish.

4 Turn salmon over and repeat. Then cut down along the backbone of the fish.

5 Turn the knife falt, ease the fillet gently from the bone and lift off. (This may have to be done in two pieces, if the fish is large).

6 At the head and tail, cut through bone with scissors and peel away. Replace upper fillet, to recreate the look of a whole fish.

Once you have prepared the salmon, carefully lift it onto a serving dish (you may or may not prefer to remove the head and tail prior to this), Store the salmon in a fridge if it is not being served immediately.

Decorating the fish with garnishes add a final touch of elegance, Here is one suggestion:

Cut some strips from the length of a cucumber using a potato peeler and arrange in a rippling effect at intcrvals of 1" along the top of the fish. Then place sprigs of fresh chervil over the cucumber and serve with lemon wedges.