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Dennis Bryant's Answer:


Thanks for your inquiry!

I've heard of many different kinds of chum being used on several saltwater
fish species; and for: Bluegills, Crappie, Perch, Trout, Catfish, and Carp, in
freshwater; but I've never heard of any kind of chum being effectively used for

(If you do find one that really works, would you please let me know ASAP!)

Since Bass are basically "homebodies," and strictly live-bait predators by
nature; I just can't think of anything that could be effectively used as a chum

For that same reason, I really don't think that using a catfish chum (like
stinkbaits or bloodbaits), in an area heavily populated by Bass; would have the
effect of scaring the Bass off, at all!

About all I can honestly tell you is: Give it a try, and see what happens!

Good Fishin' !

Dennis Bryant
"the Fishin' Professor"

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