The Bass Doctor's Answer:

As a former European angler, chumming was ALWAYS the best way to catch fish when I was bait fishing. As you did not specify how you are fishing for these bass, I must assume you are also live bait fishing.

The difficulty with chumming is accurate placement. If you just throw chunks of bait or sweet corn or bread into the water, you must be sure that the chum falls in the right location to hold the fish, so that you can reach it each and every time your cast.

I would suggest very little chum to start with as you have pointed out that catfish are a predominant species in the creek you fish. Also you should indicate how quickly the water moves, which will also affect the fall of the chum mix, you decide to throw. I know that bait buckets with holes in them can often release a nice steady flow of chum in moving water. These are purchased (usually frozen) and are lowered on a rope into the water upstream of where you are fishing.

Bass are very aggressive but are usually looking for something "alive" to eat, so think carefully before you decide what the use for chum.

Throwing earthworms, maggots, crickets or larvae might work, but remember that crappie, perch, bluegill and other smaller, faster moving species will steal the food from a bass before it can get too it!

Tight Lines!
Charles “The Bass Doctor” Stuart.

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