Bow Fisherman Takes World Record Big Head Carp on Guntersville Lake

July 27, 2004

First things first, I would like to say to everyone I'm really glad to have found this site and love the support and help offered here. I've been bowfishing about 8yrs and didn't realize there was as many of us as there is. I mainly fished small creeks and rivers out of a canoe or flat bottom and kill a good number of fish and Grass Carp. This is my first year to really fish big bodies of water. Tuesday night we decided to fish Scottsboro me my dad and a friend of ours. The water had been muddy most of the month from rain everyday.

Chris Reeves and his world record 85 lb Big Head Carp!It had been about a week since it rained so we decided to give it a shot. We put in about 9pm it was an hour before we started seeing fish and the fish we saw were mostly small gar. I told my dad it's going to be one of those nights we better shoot what we can. He hates shooting gar. The friend with us hadn't bowfished much but is an addicicted bass fisherman and deer hunter and wanted to try it. I felt bad because we weren't seeing much, but about 11:30 we saw our first Grass Carp. I was on the front of the boat and it was straight in front of me about 10 feet just laying there. I shot and missed and it shot out of there and my dad shot and missed. Our friend just stood there in disbelief. About 20 more minutes went by and we saw another Grass Carp. I shot him and got him in (about 45lbs). I told my buddy and dad the next one we see yall can shoot . He has never shot one. Of course my dad says he never heard me say that cause the generator must have been to loud and he was on the back of the boat. We fished about another hour and didn't see any so we were about ready to leave and was running out the end of some grass and there he was he came in from the opposite side of the boat. I yelled to them shoot shoot... my friend with us being an older guy had problems drawing back all night. We shoot 60 to 65lbs (I know...too much, but I'm use to it).

Scott Reeves showing off his son's world record catch! Anyway, I'm yelling shoot...neither of them do so as soon as it is about to go under the boat I shoot. IT WAS on. The fish took of like a torpedo. I held on and and watched that arrow dance through the water thinking to myself what do I do when the strong runs out . I shoot an AMS so I had 200lb test MUZZY string I knew the string wouldn't break and the MUZZY tip wouldn't pull out so I just held on. I have shot some 50 and 60 lb Grass carp and they about yanked me out of the boat. I held on for the good old yank and the fish turned back toward the boat. I started reeling in the slack as the fish came back and started pulling him in by hand. I him 10 yards from the boat and thought it was a cat. He made another run for the deep and my dad shot at him and missed. He took off and I held on. He about yanked me out of the boat. We managed to get him close again and DR. DEATH shot and stuck him in the spine. We fought him about 5 more minutes and got him to the boat. My buddy gaffed him but couldn't lift him over the side. We both grabbed him and drug him in. I didn't know what I had. No clue it was a world record. We had never seen a Big Head. The next day we took him by a couple of people and no one knew what it was. I called a friend and described it he did some research and called back and said it was a B.H. I told him what it weighed and he said we had a record. I was amazed. Just goes to show you a blind hog will find an acorn every once in a while.

This fish has been weighed and certified by the Alabama Fish and Game Department and the Bow Hunters Association of America. It measures a little shy of 4 FT. We understand that the previous World Record was held by a man in Kentucky who caught a Carp that weighed 73lbs in 2003.


Chris and Scott Reeves

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