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By: Robbie Biccum

As most of you know by now I have an online tackle store at Recently, I have been given the opportunity to carry the complete line of Aqua-View products. When you try an Aqua-View you will be amazed at how much fun they are and how very helpful they can be. If they could only catch fish?

Well, a funny thing happened at the lake today. Letís start at the beginning. When I first got my camera I called a friend of mine who is a regular BIG BASS Fisherman at Casitas. Larry and his son Eric and Daughter Michelle are three of the nicest people you will ever meet. Larry said he would love to have me come up and give the Aqua-View system a work out. WOW!!! YOU CAN REALLY SEE DOWN THERE!!! Once the Aqua-View camera was lowered overboard fishing took a back seat. It is really a fun piece of equipment to own and it really shows us fishermen and women what is down there. You get a fish eye view of the structure in intimate detail. You also get a fish eye view of the fish that are right under your boat. In fact it can be frustrating knowing that there are some real GRUMPIES under your boat but they just arenít bittení. If only the Aqua-View could actually help us catch fish. Hold on, it might just be able to do that.

Larry Elshere, my friend on Casitas, invested in one of the Aqua-Views because he was just so impressed with it. A couple of days after it arrived Larry made his way to the lake. Then he just had to call me and tell me his story. Larry was trying out one of the NEW Basstrix swimbaits and wanted to see the action through the eyes of the Aqua-View. When Larry finally got the bait in view with the camera there were several BIG Largemouths interested in the bait. In fact one big fish was hovering over the Basstrix keeping her eyes fixed on the bait. Larry, obviously excited, was anticipating being able to actually see a Big Bass inhale the bait when all of the sudden his monitors screen went dark.

Larry, disappointed and confused, couldn'tít believe it. His new system had crashed. What a let down. But wait, why is the cameras cable running out over the edge of the boat? Whatís going on here, he thought? Larry looked into the monitor and saw his picture slowly come back. He could see everything very clearly again. Just to be sure Larry began to wind in the line so he could check the camera. At about the halfway point the line hung on something. He checked the monitor and sure enough it was dark again and now the line was starting to run out away from the boat. Larry kept a close eye on the monitor and could not believe his eyes. As the picture slowly restored he saw a HUGE BASS swimming away from the camera. A HUGE BASS ATE THE AQUA-VIEW CAMERA!

Can they make these cameras with a hook attachment?

Wow, what a story. Bye the way the Aqua-View camera is approximately the same size as the 10Ē BASSTRIX BAIT. If you like I can pour you a custom 10Ē trout bait in solid black. Weíll call it the Aqua-View Trout, LOL!!!

Two other well known fishermen Mike Gash and Mike Long were using Gashís Aqua-View to locate GIANT BLUE CATS at San Vicente and had about a 80 pound catfish inhale the bait. When Mike Gash was telling me the story he was saying he was really worried that this big cat was going to bust the camera loose. Apparently, he really had to wrestle his camera away from that big catfish.

Two days later Mike Long caught a catfish weighing over 60 pounds on an 8Ē Basstrix Bait. He also caught a couple smaller cats on an optimum bait. Congratulations Mike on your BIG FISH!!!

Iíll get the information to anyone that wants to know about the Aqua-View and rest assured I can get you the best deal available. You canít even buy it cheaper at Bass Pro Shops. I just canít guarantee you will catch a Monster Bass or Catfish with it. That you'll have to figure out for yourself.

Robbie Biccum

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