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"Testimonials to Large Baits"
By: Robbie Biccum

This month I thought I would let you all see what other fishermen are saying about using big baits. As you know we sell Basstrix but there are many manufacturers out there. As always itís a confidence thing when it comes to fishing these HUGE BAITS. I have mentioned that you can and maybe even should start with the smaller size "Big Baits". However, as you will see these guys that fish for the big bass are only using 10" and bigger baits.

Here is James Hanohanoís Story: "If I wanted to catch huge bass I would go to either Perris or Castaic back in Southern California. I would toss my trout lures religously, in search of the big one. I would catch one or two big fish now and then on good days, but there was always room for more in my livewells.
Itís now one year later since I relocated to Arizona. And itís been a fishermanís wildest dream!
First, Iíll tell you about where Iím fishing. Canyon Lake is the name, with great numbers of a variety of fish including football shaped Smallies, 3 LB Panfish, and most of all abundant Trophy Bass.
Itís located an hour outsidePhoenix and recieves heavy pressure during 8 months out of the year. The other four months is when youíll find me there. Always throwing my BASS TRIX LURES.
In 1999 alone, I caught and released fifty-six huge Bass. And to top it off, I caught them all from one lake on one lure. The only thing I need more of now is ĎLivewell.í Catching four to six hogs is common practice here, in a day. Yeah, I know thatís a lot to take in one storyso Iíve included some pictures to back it up. Iíll tell you what, Iím a Tournament Angler who has a wide variety of lures, but if I had to have a Kickerfish in the Wells, thereís only one that works, thatís a BASSTRIX SWIM BAIT. From the surface to sixty feet down, this lure covers it all. You can move it either slow or fast or stop-N-go. Whatever you choose please practice catch and release; and good luck and God bless.
P.S. In need of serious sponsors to acheive my dreams. Which is Ďbreaking the World Record Bass Wt.í and tournament success!"

James Hanohano Jr.

Here is Larry and Eric Elshereís Story: "This is Eric Elshereís dad, Larry Elshere. today at Lake Casitas at about 8:00 AM I caught a 13.8 lb. Bass on your 10" BASSTRIX in the #515 Color Pattern. This is my largest bass ever. Now there is a father and son combination to catch big bass at Lake Casitas, a 12 lb. by Eric and a 13.8 lb. by myself on one of the best swim baits on the market today.

He Mike(Mike Gash Tournament Fisherman and Basstrix Pro), my son can no longer say he has the biggest bass in the family. I have been fishing Lake Casitas for over 20 years and until today my largest bass was 9 lbs." "...Eric had to sleep in this morning, but was able to get out to the lake around 8:00 AM. I watied until around 9:00 before we headed to the dock so Eric and my daughter Michelle could see the fish before I released it. You should have seen his face when I pulled the fish out of the live well. She was not injured and a clean release.
Eric is always talking about yourself and Bruce(Owner of Basstrix) and canít wait until he is able to see you guys again. I am attaching a picture for you to look at, it is not real good, but my buddy Dave Poolman took some real good shots of the fish. I will send you a nice one when he gets them developed. Thanks again for taking the time to spend time with Eric and Michelle. You and Bruce are posotive roll models for both my kids. Maybe you can give us your email address. That would be a good thing.

Well, I will be in touch. Thanks again for the BASSTRIX SWIMBAITS!"

- Larry Elshere

Eric Mckee of Santa Cruz has a short story: "I love BASSTRIX LURES, I believe they are the best soft lure on the market today. I have caught halibut, ling cod, albacore, salmon, white sea bass, stripers, barracuda and thresher sharks all around my home town of Santa Cruz, CA. The tackle shop that I go to can hardly keep them in stock, I spend a small fortune every week on them. Plesae keep making sucha high quality lure and I canít wait to try the new tubes.

- Sincerely, Eric

Bye the way, Eric is such a BASSTRIX fan that his grandparents bought him a hat for Christmas this year!

As you can see there are alot of personal stories out there about the men and woment that fish the BASSTRIX LURES. Be they the Traditional Swim Baits or the the GIANT Trout Baits.

Robbie Biccum

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