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"Plastics or Live Bait?"
By: Robbie Biccum

We have all fished with an artificial lure at one time or another. As you might guess I only fish with plastics and other artificial baits. I am a firm believer in the fact that if a bait is a good imitation of a natural live bait it will catch fish as good as live bait. In fact there are times when a plastic bait, for example, will catch more fish than live bait. If you are fishing in the ocean and cannot get anchovies but you can still simulate an anchovy with a well made plastic swimbait. Of course there are also artificial baits, especially plastics, that don't seem to simulate anything, but they still work. So, not only can we imitate natural live bait, we can also design and manufacture baits that work that are not found in nature.

This following story is of a recent trip I (Robbie) took with a friend who is a die-hard bait fisherman.

It was a calm Saturday morning as we launched Pat's 16 foot aluminum center console into Marina Del Rey Haror. As we cruised out of the harbor I was thankful for the calm morning since our boat was on the small side. As I was enjoying the morning and looking out the harbor anticipating getting to our spot I was startled as Pat changed direction. I asked Pat where we were going and he said to the bait dock, "Of Course". I thought he was kidding but soon learned he was serious when he plunked down $20.00 for a tank full of sardines since anchovies were not available. Normally I will pay for everthing when riding on anothers boat but when it comes to bait I draw the line. He wasn't surprised.

I had brought along a ton of swimbaits as I always do. Pat of course would be using his live bait to be sure he would catch fish. Before we even got out of the harbor we were feeling like friendly competitors in our own little fishing tournament. At our first stop "THE PIPE" just south of the harbor yielded to White Sea Bass and one Barracuda. All fish were caught on the Basstrix #110 Anchovy Imitation. In all fairness to Pat, I knw where the pipe was and he was driving and positioning the boat. I got 3 casts to his 1.

Pat didn't feel alot of confidence in our location and was itching to fish the "TWIN TOWERS" and drift for sandbass. We set out for the "TOWERS" to the north of the harbor. It took us about 15 minutes to get there and we had alot of company. PAt had just been fishing here the previous Saturday and they were slamming the sandies. We got our lines in the water and waited. Then waited, and waited some more. We waited about an hour when I suggested that we head south again past the pipe to the outlets of the powerplant.

Heading south again we arrived at the outlets. These are two areas where water is pumped back out to the ocean after the water has been used to cool the equipment. Of the two, we started fishing the bigger outlet. I picked up on more White Sea Bass and Pat picked up a nice Halibut. We fished this for about an hour and got a few fish. We then moved over to the small outlet. We were fishing the drift and as soon as we stopped Pat was getting his line in the water and I got slammed by a nice calico. By the time Pat got his bait where he wanted it I had three nice calicos in the boat.

Pat then asked me if he could try a Swimbait. We proceeded to limit out on Calicos within the next 45 minutes. He was amazed that on every cast he got bit. If we missed a fish we would get bit again and normally land a fish on each cast. On the way home Pat asked me if I would put together a Plano box, like I use, with the best swimbaits for our local ocean waters. He picked them up a couple days ago and plans on using them this coming weekend.

So, if you are a die-hard, died in the wool bait fisherman you will always catch fish. Just spen a few bucks, outfit yourself with some plastic swimbaits and lead heads for ocean fishing and go out and have ALOT OF FUN!! If you are fishing freshwater, get a handful of plastic baits (worms, lizards, tubes, spider jigs, and shads) and some hooks and go fishing. YOU WILL GET BIT, even if you are a novice. PRACTICE makes PERFECT. The more you fish them the more fish you will catch.

Robbie Biccum

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