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The above information is used to best place your listing on our resource. The listing fee of $55.00 (US) or $60 (CAD) is an annual fee. There are no additional or hidden fees for our service. Send photo or logo by email or with this form. Must be scannable. Once your listing is up you will be contacted 14 days prior to your expiry date for renewal. It will remain active annually on our site until either you request it be removed, you no longer are reachable by the information listed, or we terminate your listing. The only reason that we would terminate a listing is that a violation of our "Terms Of Use" has occurred, you become unreachable or we become unable to maintain the site. You can view our "Terms Of Use" by visiting our site, there is a link to it in our navigation bar.

We will post your listing within 5 business days of receiving your payment in full. We will then contact you to make sure that your listing is too your satisfaction. Payments must be made at the time that the submission form is sent in and must be paid by PAYPAL, MONEY ORDER or CERTIFIED CHECK only in US CURRENCY. You can pay by PERSONAL CHECK in US or CAD funds, but your posting will not be listed until the check clears. Make checks or money orders payable to Sportsman Fishing Adventures (Parent Company). Once a listing is posted there are NO REFUNDS.

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