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August 13, 2004 in Nootka Sound

Took Henry and his three mates bottomfishing yesterday. The fog was too thick to go the lighthouse way, but we could see Burdwood Point so we headed in that direction. Once there we could see Escalante Rocks and we immediately headed there. After trying our luck in a few spots we headed due west for about 30 minutes until the bottom came up to 85 feet. We started fishing and got into some nice Lingcod with one weighing over 25 pounds. Once the fog lifted at about 11:00 am we discovered we were inside Bajo Reef at the inner reef, so we moved out into deeper waters looking for red snapper. All told they had a great day with bottomfishing and the only thing they didn't get their limit on was Cabazon. They also didn't want to do any halibut fishing (go figure) so we didn't even try. The water was normal with about 10 foot swells and once the fog burned off the weather was hot. This time I marked a waypoint for the red can bouy (I couldn't believe I hadn't done this before!) in case I have to wing it again. Floyd will be taking out some charters on Saturday and Monday,so when I return on Tuesday I will pass along his information. Keep those rod tips up and tight lines!


August 11, 2004 in Nootka Sound

Hello everyone, well it's been a gruelling 12 days with a five day charter from the first to the fifth. During the five day charter fishing was sporadic to say the least. If you were lucky enough to find the active schools of Chinook, you had a great day. Unfortunately for the rest of us it was slim pickens. We did manage to send them home with over 12 Chinook. Since the rain has fallen on August 4, the fishing has gradually gotten better again. We've been finding the fish at 60-70 feet in most places with the odd strike at 35-45 feet. Clear Krippled K anchovy heads are what we've been having the best hits on and the army truck coloured hootchies also. On Monday, we got into 6 fish and released two small ones. Heading out bottom fishing tomorrow then I have four days off. Will try and get out a report tomorrow night. Keep those rod tips up and tight lines!

Keep those rod tips up and tight lines!

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