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To nominate a site to be reviewed for one of our awards please read through the
award criteria
then click on the link at the bottom of the page to proceed to the
submission form.

This is truly an award and being such is a bit more difficult to acquire.

Please do not get discouraged if a site that you submit is not selected, instead take a close look at our judging criteria, make any changes you feel necessary and then feel free to resubmit the site to us. You are also more than welcome to contact us regarding a submitted site, we will give you our honest opinion and judging results.

BASS on HOOK Excellence Award Sample!

Below you will find the criteria that our judging panel will use to review your
site. All areas of the criteria are covered when being judged and certain criteria are critical to the process. The critical criteria is listed below with asterisks next to them, if the submitted site does not meet any or all of these criteria you can be almost certain that the site will not be selected for one of our awards. Please take a moment to look over our award criteria and make sure that your site is up to our high standards.

All sites are reviewed by a panel of three judges. The judging panel takes into
account what the focus or goal of the site is when doing their evaluation of a submitted site. One other thing the judging panel looks at is the advertisements within the site, sites that keep non-fishing advertisements to a minimum are preferred over those that are cluttered with non-fishing advertisements. Some exceptions will be made for sites that are built for high speed internet access, but when placed on our winners page, there will be a sentence in the description on the loading time over a phone line. This will help our visitors make a better decision when choosing to view the site based on their internet access.

From all of us here at BASS on HOOK, may we wish you the best of luck with your
submission and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments,
or concerns.

Award Criteria:

*Must Be A Fishing Related Site*

*Load Time*

Image Quality

Page Layout

*Content (Focus or Goal)*

* No Broken Graphics *

* No Broken Links *

Sites that contain any racial, violent, adult content, or vulgar graphics and/or text of any kind will automatically be rejected.

If the submitted site is selected to receive one our awards they will be contacted via email by a member of our staff.

Sites that do not receive a winning number of votes from our judging staff will not be notified as we receive too many submissions to reply to all of them.

If you do not receive notification from us within 7 days please take a look at our award criteria again, make any changes you feel would help and then resubmit your site.

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