December 23, 2004

Anglers who want to share their viewpoints during the review of state fishing regulations for the years 2006-2010 can still do so by accessing a new online comment form at the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) Web site.

In a process that occurs every five years, the DOW is reviewing state fishing regulations with an eye toward suggesting new ones, revising those already in place, and removing any that are outdated.

As in years past, public comment is an important aspect of the review process, and state fishery managers would like to hear from anglers before presenting any suggested fishing regulation changes for the 2006-2010 period at upcoming Colorado Wildlife Commission meetings.

“The viewpoints of our constituents will help shape the state’s fishing regulations through the end of the decade, and we welcome any input that could help guide us as we re-examine the rules governing fishing in Colorado,” said DOW Sportfish Program Manager Robin Knox.

“Anglers who missed out on the recent roundtables we conducted around the state can still fill out the online survey or attend a special, first-time forum at the International Sportsmen Exposition in Denver on Jan. 29,” Knox added.

The first meeting to discuss the issues that are raised during the public comment period is scheduled to take place at the Wildlife Commission’s March 10-11 meeting in Denver.

Anglers who want to submit their comments about state fishing regulations via the Internet can do so by accessing the online survey at the following Web page:

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