Hunting and Fishing Advisory for Delaware River Oil Spill Areas

December 01, 2004

The States of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, working in concert with the federal response agencies, US Coast Guard, USFWS and NOAA are issuing an advisory effective immediately to waterfowl hunters and anglers to refrain from hunting and boating the Delaware River and tributaries south of the Tacony- Palmyra Bridge until further notice.

The purpose of this advisory is to prevent the transport of oil by anglers, hunters and boaters to uncontaminated areas and to preclude waterfowl from inadvertently being flushed from inland roosting and resting areas out into portions of the Delaware River that may be impacted by the oil spill from the Athos 1. This will also provide refuges for waterfowl in un-oiled areas where they will they will hopefully remain if undisturbed.

Specific advisories are as follows:

In Delaware: the advisory area includes the area east of Route 13, from and including the Blackbird Creek south of Odessa north to the Delaware and Pennsylvania border.

The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife has also acted to close until further notice, State-owned designated waterfowl hunting areas on the Augustine Wildlife Area, the Lang Farm and a portion of the Rocks Tract of the Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area.

In New Jersey: the advisory area includes the area from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge east on Route 73 to the junction with the New Jersey Turnpike. South on the NJ Turnpike to the junction with Route 322. East on Route 322 to Route 45. South on Route 45 to Route 581. South on Route 581 to Route 49. East on Route 49 to Route 654 West. Route 654 West to Route 651. Route 651 to Route 623. Left on Route 623 to Route 658. Right on Route 658 straight onto Alloway Creek Neck Road to the Salem Nuclear Power Plant.

In Pennsylvania: the advisory area includes the Delaware River south of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (Route 73) including Darby Creek, Little Tinicum Island and the tidal marshes around the Philadelphia International Airport.

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