Fishing Heats up in the Magic Valley Region

July 14, 2004

JEROME - Fishing is hot and getting hotter in the Magic Valley Region, and anglers who are not out wetting a line are missing out.

Two of the hottest picks are brown trout on Billingsley Creek and catfish at Anderson #3 and Riley ponds on the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area.

Earlier in the season, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game released 1,800 brown trout averaging 12 inches in length into Billingsley Creek between Vader Grade and downstream to the Billingsley Creek Wildlife Management Area.

This is the second year for releasing brown trout into the system. In 2003, about 9,000 fingerlings (four inches) and 6,500 catchable (eight inches) brown trout were released.

Anglers fishing the stream can expect to catch fish from 8 to 18 inches and enjoy a pretty good battle with the aggressive trout.

Earlier this week, nearly 5,500 catfish were released in Dog Creek Reservoir near Gooding and Riley Pond. This is the second year for the catfish releases. Last year more than 4,000 catfish were released into Anderson Pond #3 and Dog Creek Reservoir.

Anglers fishing Dog Creek Reservoir and Anderson Pond have a chance of catching catfish in the two-pound range

Rainbow and bass fishing in the region is also great. Rainbow trout are staying active on most the area streams and reservoirs.

A couple of the top picks are Salmon Falls Creek and Magic reservoirs. Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir is producing both walleye and rainbow trout. Anglers are typically catching walleye in water 18 to 20 feet deep. However, where you catch walleye is dependent on the time of day you fish and the overall weather patterns. Walleye typically move into shallower water at night and on over cast days.

Trout anglers have been catching limits (six fish) from the shoreline or boat. Water levels remain good and fishing is expected to last through the summer.

Magic Reservoir water levels are way down but angling for both trout and perch is strong. The low water ramp at Myrtle Point is now usable. The water level is rising at a snail pace of two inches per day. Fishing has been very good from the bank on the west side in the early morning.

Daily bag, possession, and size limits have been removed on the Big Wood River from Magic Dam to the Richfield canal, the Richfield Canal downstream to the Gooding County line, and on the Richfield and Lincoln Canal systems.

Licensed anglers may take the fish by any method except firearms, explosives, chemicals, or electric current, until August 31.

After August 31, 2004 standard fishing methods, bag limits, and possession limits will be reinstated.

Anglers interested in bass also have an opportunity to have fun. Anglers have been finding success at Milner and Walcott reservoirs in the Burley/Rupert area, Anderson and Riley ponds and at many spots along the Snake River.

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