May 21, 2004

An excerpt from Division of Wildlife's radio and T.V. information specialist, and long-time fisherman, Jeff Butler's, daily journal:

Tacklebox with fishing gear.Spring always finds me sitting at home with an open tackle box and fly-fishing vest, as well as a stack of fishing catalogs and dull, vacant look in my eyes. This is the result of my annual assessment of my fishing gear and what I think I need to make this year the best fishing season in memory. Here, in no particular order, are some thoughts and reflections I've had regarding fish, fishermen and fishing:

Fish aren't as gullible as fishermen. They have shown the ability to resist all those lures and flies that I couldn't.
The boat isn't really all that hard to prepare for the season…all you need is money.
Why do beat up, scratched and chipped lures, as well as mangled flies, catch more fish than new ones? This is a rhetorical question that should merely be accepted as fact.
The same thing goes for wet flies, which explains why I haven't tied any in years.
The color of a lure isn't, I believe, as important as its visibility in different light and water conditions.
I will replace all my fishing line and leaders soon rather than wait until I start losing fish.
And, finally, I will heed that old adage that "the best time to go fishing is anytime you get the chance!"

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