New Dredges Commissioned at
Indian River Inlet Marina

November 4 , 2005

State officials commissioned two new dredges this morning at Indian River Inlet Marina at Delaware Seashore State Park. Secretary of State Harriet Smith Windsor, representing Governor Ruth Ann Minner, christened the new state dredges, “Indian River” and “Broadkill” at the state-owned marina that had silted in during the past 20 years and was dredged over the last two years by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control's Division of Soil and Water Conservation.

“The marina serves as an excellent example of the benefits reaped by boaters in the state's dredging program,” said Governor Minner. Although unable to attend the ceremony, Governor Minner noted that she has always supported the state's dredge program and was honored to have christened the “Blue Hen” dredge while serving as a State Representative and the “Diamond State” dredge while serving as a State Senator.

The state's dredging program began operating in 1970 and is now an integral part of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. Over the years, the program has been responsible for completing more than 140 projects, many of them undertaken to benefit the approximately 52,000 registered boaters in Delaware by ensuring boating waterways are navigable and clear.

“These new, highly efficient and extremely portable dredges will enable us to restore Delaware waterways to higher habitat value,” said DNREC Secretary John A. Hughes. “The dredges work to keep boats contained in channels and out of shallow water and they are an essential component of our pond restoration program where the sole purpose is habitat restoration.”

Both new dredges were designed and built by Ellicott Dredge Company, now a division of Baltimore Dredges LLC, Baltimore, Md. According to Division of Soil and Water Division Director Robert S. Baldwin, the dredges will be operating with a bio-degradable hydraulic fluid, ANDEROL Bio Guard, produced by ANDEROL, Inc., East Hanover, N.J., a unit of Kaufman Holdings Corporation. The hydrologic fluid has been approved by Ellicott under the company's warranty for its dredges.

For more information on the Division of Soil and Water Conservation's dredging program, contact Chuck Williams, (302) 739-9921.

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