Want a Unique Arizona Trout Fishing Experience?

October 12, 2005

Want a trout fishing experience that is unique to Arizona? Grab your fishing pole and head to the Lower Salt River near Phoenix during the last week of October.

The Lower Salt is the only desert river in the world that offers trout fishing adjacent to a major metropolitan area.

In fact, you are getting a trout fishing bonus on the Lower Salt this year. Typically, Salt River Project (SRP) draws water from the Verde River to meet winter water demands, which means trout are normally stocked only in the stretch of water from the confluence of the Salt and Verde Rivers near the Phon D. Sutton Recreation Area to the Granite Reef Diversion dam just a few miles downstream.

This year, SRP is releasing water from Stewart Mountain Dam (Saguaro Lake) starting this month, which means the Arizona Game and Fish Department will be stocking trout in the upper five mile reach of the river from the Water Users area (the huge parking lot just downstream from the dam) to the Blue Point Bridge.

The Lower Salt is just a short drive along Bush Highway from downtown Mesa and Tempe, and about a 45-minute drive from downtown Phoenix.

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