High Country Offers some Big Trout Opportunities

Aug 17, 2005

A parade of big show pond rainbow trout have been finding their way to mountain lakes via Arizona Game and Fish Department stocking trucks. Last week the department received reports of a 4-pound trout being caught from Woods Canyon, a 5-pounder from Black Canyon Lake, a 6-pounder from Willow Springs, and an 8-pound rainbow from Big Lake. There are larger trout than those waiting to be caught in our high country waters.

With summer heat still baking the desert lowlands, this is a great time of year to head to the cool pine country for relief. The monsoon season makes the fishing quite exciting. In between storms, when the water isn't too turbid, and even sometimes when it is, trout can become very active. It is possible to catch a lot of trout in a short time period, including some of the monsters. Please avoid the water during lightning storms though. Those storms can also prompt increased activity by many of the larger wildlife species, such as elk and deer. It's a great time for wildlife watching.

Monsoon storms can also stimulate increased fish feeding activities at the desert lakes when active, or drench them and slow the fishing down. In fact, both can happen in the same day. A recent 2-inch drenching at Alamo turned off the bite. A recent half-inch pummeling at Apache Lake turned on the bite the same day. Don't forget that when water temperatures are in the 80s, bass need to feed four, five or even six times a day (or have at least one big gorge on shad) just to maintain their body weight. In other words, if the bite gets knocked down for five or six hours, you could be in for some great fishing when they start biting again.

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