July 11, 2005

Colorado anglers could see some changes in fishing regulations for 2006, including a proposal to modify the current definition of “artificial flies and lures”. The changes include the addition of a specific definition of "bait". This was requested by the Division of Wildlife (DOW) law enforcement section and members of the public. There is a concern that new commercial products more like bait than traditional plastic manufactured imitation products and may be detrimental to trout populations in special regulation waters.

A first draft of the proposed statewide fishing regulations for 2006-2010 will be presented to the Colorado Wildlife Commission for discussion and recommendation on Thursday, July 14 in Grand Junction.

Another proposal would change the bag limit and possession table in the annual fishing brochure. The table would be modified to remove the reference to Greenback cutthroat trout and restructure the species groups in a more logical manner.

A regulation will also be added to uniformly protect cutthroat core conservation waters. This is being done to simplify the regulations, but changes the regulations only in wording not necessarily in the actual effect of the regulation.

Some special regulation waters could also see changes. Big Creek Lake could see an increase in the number of lake trout and splake that could be kept from one to three with only one over 26 inches. A slot limit for bass could be added to encourage the take of smaller fish at McPhee reservoir to address an over abundance of smallmouth bass of less than ten inches. At North Sterling Reservoir there are a number of proposals. A regulation could be added to protect trophy wipers while still allowing for take and a size limit for largemouth bass could be added to make management more consistent with similar nearby managed bass waters.  The bag limit for lake trout at Granby Reservoir could be changed to four lake trout of any size. There could also be some additional reaches of the Gunnison, South Fork of the South Platte, and North Fork of the Poudre rivers that could become artificial flies and lures only waters. Brown trout and rainbow trout size limit regulations could be fine tuned at the Delaney Butte Lakes to be uniform at all three lakes, and a dam spawning closure is also recommended for North Delaney Butte Lake to protect spawning brown trout. 

The Wildlife Commission will also take into consideration walleye, saugeye and sauger statewide size and bag limits. A discussion on three different proposals will take place.

The new regulations will take effect Jan. 1, 2006, after final approval in September by the Commission.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission will be meeting on Thursday, July 14 and Friday, July 15 at the Holiday Inn located at 755 Horizon Drive in Grand Junction. The fishing regulation discussion is scheduled for 1:00 PM on July 14th.

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to: http://wildlife.state.co.us .

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