June 3, 2005

Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) Northwest Regional Manager Ron Velarde has issued an emergency salvage order temporarily suspending some fishing regulations at Purdy Mesa Reservoir in western Colorado.  Purdy Mesa Reservoir, formerly known as Hallenbeck Reservoir, is located off Lands End Road southeast of Grand Junction.

Purdy Mesa Reservoir is owned by the City of Grand Junction and is being drained beginning this summer. Crews will be replacing the outlet piping from the reservoir. Because of the imminent danger of fish loss due to the draining of the reservoir for repair work, fishing restrictions are being eased to allow anglers to remove fish more easily.

The emergency salvage order allows anglers with a valid Colorado fishing license to fish using any legal methods, including bait and snagging. The bag and possession limit for largemouth bass at Purdy Mesa Reservoir is also being temporarily raised to five fish. The bag and possession limits for all other species will remain in effect, with the exception of hybrid grass carp, which can be caught without limit.

To prevent water contamination, no boats are allowed on the reservoir. The boat restriction prevents contamination from both engine fluids and aquatic hitchhikers (invasive species transported from other bodies of water).

Once again, a valid fishing license is required and anglers are responsible for knowing the regulations. Signs will be posted near the Purdy Mesa Reservoir parking area to notify anglers about the salvage regulations. The temporary regulations take effect immediately and will remain in place through Sept. 30.

Please note that the temporary salvage order does NOT apply to neighboring Juniata Reservoir. All fishing restrictions, as explained in the 2005 Colorado Fishing Regulations brochure, remain in effect at Juniata Reservoir.

Purdy Mesa Reservoir was acquired by the City of Grand Junction in 1955. It covers 60 surface acres and is one of the reservoirs that provide a source of mountain water for city residents.

The DOW considers Purdy Mesa to be an important fishery because it is one of the few western Colorado lakes approved for the stocking of non-native warm water fish.

Anglers headed to Purdy Mesa Reservoir are asked to use designated parking areas and trails. Trash service is not provided at the reservoir, so visitors will need to pack out any trash.

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