May 11, 2005

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) has authorized a public fish salvage at three bodies of water in southeastern Colorado beginning May 15. The waters are: Upper Queens Lake, Nee So Pah Reservoir (also know as Sweetwater Reservoir) and the small, separated eastern most pool of
Nee Noshe Reservoir.

The salvage was authorized because water levels in the lakes have become extremely low and a significant loss of fish is imminent.

Bag and possession limits are still in effect, but fish may be taken by any technique including archery, snagging or using nets.

All anglers must have a valid Colorado fishing license, but the requirement for a second rod stamp is waived for anglers who want to use more than one pole.

Bag limits are 20 of each species for catfish, wiper, perch, and crappie. The bag limit is 10 of each species of saugeye, walleye or bass. There are no limits on suckers, carp, pike or shad.

The shoreline around these lakes may be soft and muddy so anglers should use extreme caution due to slippery and dangerous conditions around the water’s edge.

This emergency regulation does not allow for trespassing on private property. Anglers should still respect the rights of private property owners and use only recognized public access points.

For more information call the Larmar office of the DOW at (719)336-6600.

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